Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Frequently Asked Questions about Thespianz Foundation. If you still not get a right answer, please feel free to write us here.



How does Thespianz Foundation operates?

Thespianz Foundation generate funds from it’s fundraisers and donations to support social projects in vulnerable communities in Pakistan.



Does Thespianz Foundation USA & Thespianz Foundation Pakistan are separate entities?

Yes, both are separate entities and both are registered non-profit organizations in the related countries such as USA & Pakistan.



Where my donations will go?

Your donations will be directly going to Thespianz Foundation Pakistan where the organization will work on the cause for which you have donated for.


Does Thespianz Foundation has a Tax Exemption certificate?

Yes, both TF-USA & TF-PK has separate tax exemption certificates issued by the both governments. TF-USA has a 501 c3 status under which your all donations are tax exempted.



Is it secure to donate Thespianz Foundation?

Yes, your even donated single penny is an owe to Thespianz Foundation and it will be use for social cause. When you will donate us, you will get our regular email updates about where your funds are spending.


How you will measure the impact?

Thespianz Foundation has it’s own monitoring and evaluation team that generate brief reports about each projects and each donor does get these reports.