Thespianz theatre to hold puppetry festival

admin News & Media December 24, 2019

Published in The World News

Thespianz being a reputed performing arts organization of Pakistan has presented 1st time in Pakistan a longest String Puppetry Festival found of three hundred street performance of string puppetry in 2016-17.
Thespianz Theatre organized a press conference in a local hotel of Karachi to announce “The 2nd Pakistan String Puppetry Festival which is based on 330 shows in 11 areas near Karachi aiming to increase acceptance of diversity and pluralism in the communities, spread the message of interfaith harmony among the people who belongs from dissimilar religions, promote appreciation and cultural values through four provincial cultural dance performance.
The press conference was leaded by the artistic director of Thespianz Theatre Faisal Malik, Cultural Specialist and the director of State Bank Museum of Pakistan Dr. Asma Ibrahim and the associate director of Thespianz Nouman Mehmood.
Dr. Asma Ibrahim spoke to the journalist and described “Art of puppetry is three thousand years old started from 500 BC in Greece. People of Greece used the puppetry for religious purpose also and in 20th century the revival of string puppetry started.
Dr. Asma Ibrahim strongly suggested and emphasized for Thespianz puppetry museum, puppetry institution and archive in the city”. Faisal Malik added “The all 330 string puppetry performances are totally free of cost for everyone.
We are targeting low-income and outskirts areas of Karachi because the communities those are living in these areas are hand-to-mouth people and they have very fewer entertainment opportunities. Nouman Mehmood who is the writer of the scripts that are staging in the festival spoke “we have decided to portray sole Pakistani culture through this festival and prevented to use neighboring countries element in any act”.
Thespianz’s head of puppetry dept. Sheikh Sameer Nadeem spoke to the journalists and said “Thespianz mission and aim is to promote only Pakistani culture and this festival is one of the efforts of Thespianz to achieve its aim.

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