Thespianz Theatre inaugurates Pakistan’s longest puppet show

Sameer Sheikh News & Media December 18, 2019

Published in Express Tribune

KARACHI: The Thespianz Theatre will soon be holding Pakistan’s biggest puppet show. The organisation’s Artistic Director, Faisal Malik along with State Bank Museum Director, Dr Asma Ibrahim and Thespianz Theatre’s Associate Director Noman Mehmood held a joint press conference recently.

The second Pakistan String Puppetry Festival began on January 14 and will continue till July 31, 2019. The event will be the longest festival held in Pakistan, to date.

Speaking on the occasion, Malik stated that the festival will feature shows in as many as 11 areas of the metropolis and will deliver nearly 330 performances. The event will  also provide entertainment to the lower socio-economic class for free.



Ibrahim shared that the puppet skill, which revived in the 20th century, roots back to Greece. The Thespianz Theatre led festival will not only help entertain audiences but will also inculcate awareness about Pakistan’s culture and inter-religious harmony.

She further stressed on the importance of people willing to revive the art and opined that the Thespian Puppet Museum, institution and archive must be included in Karachi as soon as possible.

Mehmood revealed that two games, which are a part of the festival, will reflect the culture of the four provinces of Pakistan while the puppets will narrate the Sindbad story. “While composing the games, special attention has been paid to use Pakistani content exclusively with no element from the neighbouring country,” he stated.



Thespianz Theatre is a renowned performing arts organisation which has been rendering its services in the Performing Arts field since 2005. It has earned pride and name for the country in over 15 countries other than Pakistan.

The organisation introduced innovative art and puppetry and enhanced the old dated art through, modernism which is its specialty.
Thespianz Theatre, through its puppet shows, has previously presented Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, the famous Arab saga for children and Pakistan’s famous Lok sagas including Heer Ranjha and Umar Marvi.

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