President & Artistic Director

Thespianz Foundation has been a dream breathing up on me two decades. In a very short time, it has become the ideal purpose of responsibility for our whole team. Thespianz foundation is that works responsively over the Awareness and Public Services Messages on Education, Health, Peace building, Gender Inequality, Human Rights and Poverty alleviation.

We believe in “a best living is serving”. We strived hard to make our dream Thespianz Foundation, where we could indulge in our interest and passion and could reach our ultimate goal which is nothing but the making of best humanity.

We Claim that we are not the only who own Thespianz Foundation, it’s for every human in this world whose heart cry for injustice, illiteracy, gender inequality, poverty elevation and many other issues surrounding our society. This motivation has invoked our consciences to give back to the society, live for the people and to fight for all the social, moral and environmental issues of Underprivileged