Social Services & Over 15 years of experience in performing arts, Thespianz Foundation's social services successfully accomplished 118+ social projects based on social awareness for the vulnerable communities in Pakistan. Thespianz well-trained and educated team is efficient to write customized social comedy and awareness based street and indoor theatres for sensitizing vulnerable communities. So far Thespianz has worked for many social topics including gender based violence, basic health care, importance of education, anti-piracy, HIV and Aids awareness, women empowerment and counter violence and extremism while promoted peace and increased acceptance in all major cities of Pakistan such as Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkar, Khairpur, Dadu, Jackobabad, Jamshoro, Kandhkot, Jan Muhammad Jamali Goth, Nawabshah, Qasimabad, Shahdadkot, Sanghar, Hala, Shikarpur, Thatta, Rawalpindi, Jehlum, Bhawalpur, Sargodha, Murree, Peshawar, Abbotabad, Mardan, Ziarat, Quetta, Khuzdar & Hub.



Apart from live theatre, Thespianz shows its deep love for the art of string puppetry. The organization has been making noticeable efforts to keep the dying art alive. In 2016, Thespianz organized Pakistan’s first stand-alone biggest string puppetry festival entitled “Pakistan String Puppetry Festival” for increasing acceptance in younger audience and to aware them for interfaith harmony. As part of the festival, which was organized in year 2016/17, 300 performances across 79 different districts in Karachi, Pakistan were organized. As part of the multi-venue festival, Thespianz preformed 8-10 performances each day. The performance areas included Abbas Town, Muslimabad, Azizabad, Hijrat Colony, PIB Colony, Gulzar Hijri and Ibrahim Hyderi, The festival reached out to people from diversified backgrounds i.e. ethnicities: Urdu speaking, Sindhi, Punjabi, Balochi, Pashtoon, Memon, Persian, Hazara, Balti, Brushiski, Siraiki, and Gujrati etc. And religious and sectarian backgrounds e.g. Shia, Sunni, Ismaili, Hindu, Christian etc. After completing this successful festival, Thespianz Foundation has initiated the second version of string puppetry festival in 11 various areas of Karachi in 2018-19.



Apart from social theatres and social string puppetry, Thespianz Foundation organize large-scale socail festivals for promoting positive change in the society. Festivals are always being a great source to promote social causes among a huge audience. So far, Thespianz accomplished six large-scale festivals including:
1. Uth Oye Theatre festival for promoting anti-drugs culture among young audience through cat characters.

2. Spring Holidays Cultural Festival for promoting acceptance in Karachi's sensitive area Sultanabad/Hijrat Colony.

3. String Puppetry Festival in 40 Schools of Karachi for promoting anti-theft awareness among the young kids through famous Arabic tale Ali Baba & Forty Thieves.

4. Thespianz Folk Festival a four day long folk festival in Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai University Khairpur, Sindh featuring 200+ folk artist from all over Pakistan for celebrating International day of Peace.

5. First Pakistan String Puppetry Festival in 79 communities of Karachi with 300 socail string puppetry performances to counter violence and extremism while promoting acceptance and religious harmony.

6. Second Pakistan String Puppetry Festival in 11 areas of Pakistan with 330 social string puppetry performances to counter violence and extremism while promoting acceptance and religious harmony.



Thespianz organize free/paid theatre & motivational workshop specially for the government school's students to build their confidence and encourage them to speak-up for their rights. So far, Thespianz facilitated over 200+ theatre/motivational workshops in various government schools and communities for empowering the youth from low-income areas of Pakistan.



Being a Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR department, It is your responsibility to strengthen vulnerable communities in less-privileged countries. Thespianz Foundation having a great relationship with many CSR departments, under which, we have accomplished many social awareness based project with various corporate entities such as Soorty Enterprises. If you are a CSR department and looking to spend your tax money in good cause, you can contact us for the tax exemption by supporting poor communities around the globe.