Uth Oye (A Wake up Call) – Importance of Education & Health Preventives

Uth Oye

The story of the musical play spins around three innocent and educated cats named Marry, Jerry and Parry who are living in a beautiful and well-settled home belonged to their master uncle Billu. Uncle Bilal, mischievously called Billu, is a nice and kind-hearted person and has tamed these cats with much care and dedication. Bilal is a man of rich manners and discipline and has never allowed the cats to go out of home for the world outside is full of strange and unreliable people who may teach them evil deeds and spoil their characters. One day, uncle has to go out for a few days and the three cats, charged with curiosity and lust for enjoying world around them, plan to take full advantage of uncle’s absence and to go outside. Drifting further in the streets, they, consequently, reached a mafia-controlled slums and come across a Black Cats Gang. This group of bad cats uses drugs, cigarettes and alcohol and is suffering many diseases due to unhygienic living and evil habits.

Getting closer to this gang, Marry, Jerry and Parry are invited to taste the cigarettes and drinks and they accept the offer immediately. When they come back home and feel uncomfortable, they get alarmed and take advantage of being educated. They use their computer and search for the detailed reports about cigarettes and other drugs. When the evil effects of these dirty items dawned upon them, they start repenting and made resolutions not to go out without the permission of uncle Billu. They also take firm decision to drag the Black Cats Gang out of the quagmire of illiteracy, evil and unhygienic living by teaching them and educating them. After their endeavour, the Black Cats Gang agrees to shun all dirty things and to live a neat and clean life. It is mustually decided that good cats will talk to their uncle Billu to allow the the black cats to live eith them in their home. Billu uncle initially gets angry after listening to the whole incidents, but , later, gets convinced of the good cats’ noble cause and positive intentions. So, the black cats join the good family and start schooling with their new friends.

This play has been directed by Mr. Faisal Malik while the Associated Director of this venture is Mr. Nouman Mehmood. The basic concept behind this musical theater play has been conceived by Journalist, author and educationist Muttahir Ahmed Khan

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